Lao Specialty Coffee


Made in Lao

Provides a space for high grade specialty coffee from Laos. Each brand is unique in its taste and an expierence that you will never forget.

Who are we?

We connect farmers in remote areas of Laos to potential new regional and global markets. Our farmers are crucially in need of new export opportunities, and I hope we can count on you among those, in the near future.

The Home of Lao Specialty Coffee

The Bolaven Plateau in the south of Laos where the best coffee beans are grown. The plateau's elevation ranges approximately from 1,000 to 1,350 metres (3,280 to 4,430 ft) above sea level. Monsoon rain volcanic soil makes the Plateau 
to the one of the world's great coffee growing origins.

Simply Beautiful

Only the best coffee roaster in Lao P.D.R. with their specialty coffee are available here.

Take a look.

Each Brand presents a group of coffee farmers in Laos

Jing Jhai Coffee

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Mystic Mountain Coffee

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Amyty Coffee

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Lao Mountain Coffee

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Sinouk Coffee

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