New Direction, New Synergy of Sinouk Coffee

As Sinouk Coffee was expanding tremendously, the group underwent a reorganisation and rebranded all of its activities in 2015, strengthening the bonds and synergies within the different entities: Sinouk Coffee - Roasting Company, Café Sinouk - Retail Shop, Sinouk Coffee Resort. Early 2016 also witnessed the opening of Sinouk Coffee Pavilion, the education arm of the group aiming at raising the bar of baristas, creating a proper roastery and Laboratory, as well as sharing the company coffee knowledge . During the same year, Sinouk’s daughter, Sirina, joined as Managing Director, introducing a new dynamic in line with the regional ambition of the group.

  Alongside, Sinouk decided to bow out of his chairmanship from the LCA to invest more time and efforts into working with Sinouk Coffee’s massive growth. Leaving behind a proud legacy, Sinouk also initiated the first-ever Lao Coffee Festival in Pakse, a grand success that spanned across two days. Coffee connoisseurs from around the world flocked to the festival to celebrate the historical change of eras for Lao coffee.