The Birth of Sinouk Coffee and Local Recognition

Sinouk created “Sinouk Coffee”, the very first Lao coffee brand as he developed coffee roasting skills. In parallel with mastering coffee roasting, Sinouk Coffee ventured into opening its first coffee shop under “Café Sinouk” in his hometown Paksé, hoping to cultivate the coffee culture in Laos.

  To further support the development of the Lao coffee industry, Sinouk actively participated in assisting the LCA coffee producers to package and brand their products. The selflessness act of Sinouk in promoting the local coffee industry was recognised by the government, which awarded him with the Labour Award and appointed Sinouk Coffee as the country’s official Coffee Brand Partner during the 10th ASEAN Summit in 2004.

  In the following year, Sinouk was elected as the President of the LCA due to his active involvement, expertise and numerous achievements in the coffee industry.