The Great Rise of Sinouk Coffee

With the ambition to expand the retail activities of the company and leveraging the opening of the first ever shopping mall in Vientiane, Café Sinouk-Talat Sao Mall opened in 2007 and received numerous attentions from the Lao community, also widely covered by the media.

  Following this success, the coffee shop chain expanded to Khemkhong, the most happening city areas in Vientiane, thus providing a fresh Parisian style Café Bistro concept to the city . Subsequently, the group expanded the Café Bistro style into a full Café Restaurant with the opening of Café Sinouk Phonesinuane a few years later.

  Not forgetting about the goal to contribute back to the society of Laos, parts of the company coffee plantation on the Bolavens Plateau was transformed to a Coffee Resort with the willingness to contribute to driving more experienced-based tourism to Southern Laos.