The Humble Beginning of Sinouk Coffee

After 30 years spent in France, where he emigrated and studied, Sinouk decided to come back to his fatherland, Laos, in 1994. His deep motivations were to develop more activities in Southern Laos, where he was born, by creating job for communities, and identifying a unique product that had potential for export, which would contribute to the fame of Laos: COFFEE which actually matched the mentioned criteria, and that is how Sinouk embarked on his coffee journey, starting by trading and exporting green beans.

  During the same year, he co-founded the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) with his father, Sisouk Sisombat, which focuses on promoting the welfare of Lao coffee farmers, businessmen and women. The establishment of LCA recognizes the importance of the Lao coffee industry development, and unifying the stakeholders to speak and act as one, so to create more impact for the country.

  2 years after coffee exportation and trading, Sinouk was equipped with the knowledge of the main coffee processing and hence, started his own coffee plantation on a plot of land located 82km from Paksé, in Thateng Village. The fertile virgin volcanic forest soil and all year-round cool temperature of the plantation gifted Sinouk with the finest quality of coffee beans, which prompted him to start his own coffee production for the country.