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- Peaberry 2 x 200g Roast: City

- White Parasol 2 x 200g Roast: City

- Elephant Express 2 x 200g Roast: Espresso

- Premium Arabica 2 x 200g Roast: Espresso

- Pure Arabica 2 x 200g Roast: City or Espresso


200g bag --> Net weight 195g, Gross weight 200g


Naga Coffee Made with 100% arabica beans, this is our signature blend and is considered one of the finest coffees in Asia.

Elephant Express Our Classic Italian style blend, a brilliant espresso, our most complex and compelling coffee

Premium Arabica: A well balance coffee to start off the day. Our biggest seller for Hotel buffet

Pure Arabica  Natural processed arabica for a bigger body with tropical fruit notes

Peaberry A very special bean in very limited quantities - the best in Lao coffee